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Few owners maintain enough staff resources necessary to pay close and consistent attention to every detail of project planning, design, and construction. You need people from construction management consulting firms who know what they're doing- every step of the way.  

Construction Management Professionals, one of the leading construction management consulting companies in Virginia, will help you. We are qualified to improve your management practices, increase profit, as well as help plan for the future of your business. We maintain a vast amount of knowledge on construction management, and we have the right management tools to fully represent you.  

Our construction management consulting group is comprised of experts in business development, strategic planning, and project execution. We have practical experience within the industry, which allows us to provide objective solutions to the everyday challenges owners, contractors, engineers, and architects face throughout the design/build process.

Call us today at (540) 931-1456—and get some real-world, cost-effective solutions.

“We completed our first hotel in 2009 and used CM Professionals to manage the project, Joe did an outstanding job and we will be using him on our next project. Thanks Joe it was our pleasure.”

Robert Neal, President
Houck Hotel Partners

“If it was not for the strong guidance and attention to detail of Joe Skeith, Mt. Carmel's building renovation would have been over budget and would have experienced significant construction delays. With a project manager of Joe's caliber, the seemingly endless difficulties that we encountered with a challenging site were negated at every turn by his professionalism and insight. We would never attempt another project without his assistance.” 
Scott Clawson 
Build Team Chair
Mt. Carmel United Methodist Church

“CM Professional maintains an exceptionally high standard of quality and service as a construction management firm.  Mr. Skeith always provided timely responses to inquires and promoted a true team atmosphere to complete the project.  We look forward to working with CM Professional in the future.”

Douglas Gray, Project Manager
Morgan-Keller, Inc.