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The Professional Construction Manager 

This website is to bring clarity to the public on who is a Construction Manager and the value of retaining a Construction Manager for your building program regardless of size or scope.

In the minds of many the traditional relationships most business owners work with when they need something built are the Architect and General Contractor. What most owners don’t know is that about fifty years ago industry leaders including architects and contractors understood that in this traditional relationship the owner was not being fully represented and there was a move to create a new field within the construction industry to correct this and give the owner control over their project, their money and their future.

In the late 1970’s the concept of the professional Construction Manager was conceived and the long road to developing educational programs to fill the need began. Today the profession of Construction Manager is realized through the men and women who have committed the time and resources to become qualified through academics, and through experience.

There is a confusion in the industry that I will clear up for all who are reading this. A Construction Manager is not a General Contractor, neither are we design professionals or lawyers. Construction Managers are not qualified through a few hours long certification course. To be blunt this is what separates me from all those who promote construction management services as part of their business services. I don’t pretend to be something I’m not.

To have the qualifications necessary to do what I do you must first go to school and get a degree in Construction Management. What comes next will depend on where your interests lead you. You can see from the content in this website that I’ve worked for Architects, Engineers and Planners, I’ve worked for government agencies, I know what it takes to build and be profitable as a General Contractor. This balance of knowledge takes years to obtain. For anyone who wishes to do what I do for owners, private or public you will need this experience to do well.

Virtually all of companies using the term construction management to solicit services today do not have a Construction Manager in their employ. What in fact is being offered is construction project management services which they all must have to manage the portfolio of projects they are winning through negotiation or bidding.

The CM is without bias the Owners advocate, combining detailed technical knowledge with a commitment to meeting their needs. Not affected by conflicting interest, the Construction Manager represents Owners in such crucial areas as:

• Release and use of funds throughout the project.
• Project scheduling.
• Project Cost Accounting.
• Control of the scope of work.
• Developing the framework for a successful project team.
• Optimum use of other firms’ talents and resources.
• Avoiding delays, changes, disputes and cost overruns.
• Optimum flexibility in contracting and procurement.
• Assuring the project is built to specification to meet your needs.

I do all the above for my clients without staffing. I am Construction Management Professionals, a United States Marine, Husband and Father. When I staff I’m able to scale rapidly and precisely to the satisfaction of the client and to the success of the program or project. There is no waste in time or money with CM Professionals.

Best regards,

Joe Skeith
Owner/Construction Manager
FAA Certified Remote Pilot
(540) 931-1456 cell

“It is not as important who we believe ourselves to be, as it is who others know us to be.”  Joe Skeith