Bar-T Mountainside

Bar-T Mountainside


The Bar-T Mountainside is the second of two state of the art day camp facilities for children, owned and operated by Joe and Nancy Richardson. The Bar-T Ranch is a spacious 12-acre farm located on Olney-Laytonsville Road in Montgomery County, Maryland. Large shade trees and manicured fields surround the state-of-the-art facilities including the swimming pool with an awesome water slide, hockey rink, basketball court, drama area and more.

Just four miles away on Rural Route 650 is the 190-acre Waredaca farm. Campers entering first grade and older spend one full day a week here for outdoor challenge and nature activities.

Construction Management Professionals was retained by the owners of the Bar-T Ranch as the Mountainside project Construction Manager in February 2005. Initially CM Professionals was tasked to support the General Contractor to establish project budget tracking and CPM schedule reporting processes for the 3.1 million dollar state of the art addition to the Bar-T Day Camps portfolio.

From the outset the project faced challenges due in part to an elongated design phase which pushed the construction start date into December 2004. Weather delays and wet soil conditions impeded progress of the grading contractor forcing ownership to delay the planned camp opening summer 2005. Within thirty days an audit of the project finances was completed and a critical path schedule was in-place. With the resignation of the General Contractor in late February new contracts with subcontractors and suppliers were executed. As of August 2005 all construction contracts are awarded and are progressing well.

The Bar-T Mountainside Day Camp was completed in 2006 and continues their vision of environmental stewardship and energy conservation.