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Professional Construction Managers can support Owners with a proven strategy to deliver the best possible projects, on time and within budget.

Pressure is falling on Owners, who will confront complex issues in every area from site preparation to technology infrastructure, from builder selection to the finishing touches before “opening day.” Handling these issues assures on-time delivery, within-budget projects that meet your needs. But it also puts huge demands on your time and requires skills and expertise few Owners possess.

The professional Construction Manager strives to give owners more effective control of complex construction, delivering high quality finished projects on time and within budget. The CM is your advocate, combining detailed technical knowledge with a commitment to meeting your needs. Not affected by any conflicting interest, the Construction Manager represents Owners in such crucial areas as:

  • Release and use of funds throughout the project.
  • Project scheduling.
  • Control of the scope of work.
  • Optimum use of other firms’ talents and resources.
  • Avoiding delays, changes, disputes and cost overruns.
  • Optimum flexibility in contracting and procurement.
  • Assuring the project is built to specification to meet your needs.

Construction Managers provide specific expertise for all facets of the delivery process (pre-bond, planning, design, construction, etc.) without having to retain individuals on the payroll for specific tasks. By involving a professional Construction Manager from the earliest stages of your project, you maximize your chances to achieve a smooth and trouble-free construction process and a facility that meets your needs.

One of the most important decisions an owner or facilities manager will have to make in the initial stages of project development is who will manage it. Whatever the decision, it should be based on using those who possess a balance of knowledge as an engineering consultant, a general contractor and owner/client. Anyone without this balance of experience and knowledge will not be fully equipped to manage the multi-faceted nature of a design/build program.

To learn more about Construction Management feel free to contact a professional Construction Manager today we will be glad to discuss your vision and project with you.