One of the most important decisions an owner or facilities manager will have to make in the initial stages of project development is who will manage it. Whatever the decision, it should be based on using those who possess a balance of knowledge as an engineering consultant, a general contractor and owner/client. Anyone without this balance of experience and knowledge will not be fully equipped to manage the multi-faceted nature of a design/build program.

The Coyle Library in Chambersburg, PA, was a complex renovation, addition, and restoration project involving three separate general contractors, and thus presented every conceivable opportunity for problems during construction. Thanks to Joe and CMP Professionals, the project was completed with a minimum of difficulties, and turned out beautifully. The Owner's goals for renewal and our architectural goals were all met or surpassed, and Joe played a big part in managing that success!

Mark A. Weaver, R.A.
Project Architect
Noelker and Hull Architects
30 West King Street
Chambersburg, PA 17201

We worked with Joe on the Coyle Free Library renovation and expansion project in Chambersburg, PA. His construction knowledge, experience and sincere commitment to the success of the project was apparent at our very first project team meeting and that commitment never waivered until the project was successfully completed over the course of several years. Joe was a real asset to the Franklin County Library System throughout all phases of this project in his role as construction manager. It was a genuine pleasure working with him and we hope to do it again in the future.

Lance Kegerreis, P.E.
President, Chief Engineer
Dennis E. Black Engineering, Inc.
2400 Philadelphia Avenue
Chambersburg, PA 17201

"The knowledge and experience that Joe brought to our organization was second to none. Through his duties as Director of Construction Services, Joe oversaw all construction that Mercury performed throughout our four regional offices that covered the majority of the United States. If it were not for his refined organizational and interpersonal skills these duties could not have been performed to the level that he achieved. Mr. Skeith has a presence about him that will command respect from even the highest executives. He provided Mercury Construction Group, Inc. with an enhanced professional relationship with all of the customers and clients that he came in contact with."

Daniel Schenzer
Vice President
Mercury Construction Group, Inc.
6007 Downfield Wood Dr.
Charlotte, NC 28269

"We have long held that the most successful projects are those where all parties, owner, contractor, architect and engineer are pleased with the result. CM Professionals sets up and coordinates all aspects of a project so that it moves smoothly and efficiently without delays and bickering that can commonly occur."

James R. Cross AIA
Cross Design Associates LLC
22636 Glenn Drive Suite 201
Sterling, Virginia 20164

“We completed our first hotel in 2009 and used CM Professionals to manage the project, Joe did an outstanding job and we will be using him on our next project. Thanks Joe it was our pleasure.”

Stan Neal, Owner
Houck Hotel Partners

“It has been my pleasure working with Mr. Joe Skeith with CM Professionals over the past two years thru the successful completion of the expansion to the Mt. Carmel United Methodist Church Facility in Frederick, Maryland. Joe’s attention to detail and willingness to spend the extra time in working thru an extremely complicated project that endured the worst winter the East Coast has seen in twenty years, but still was completed on-time and under budget, has shown that a Construction Manager like Joe Skeith can definitely help with the success of any project. I’m now a Construction Manager believer!”

Bruce G. Mahlandt,
Vice President
CMW Group, Inc. – Architects / Planners

“CM Professional maintains an exceptionally high standard of quality and service as a construction management firm. Mr. Skeith always provided timely responses to inquires and promoted a true team atmosphere to complete the project. We look forward to working with CM Professional in the future.”

Douglas Gray
Project Manager
Morgan-Keller, Inc.

“If it was not for the strong guidance and attention to detail of Joe Skeith, Mt. Carmel's building renovation would have been over budget and would have experienced significant construction delays. With a project manager of Joe's caliber, the seemingly endless difficulties that we encountered with a challenging site were negated at every turn by his professionalism and insight. We would never attempt another project without his assistance.”

Scott Clawson
Build Team Chair
Mt. Carmel United Methodist Church