The Coyle Renaissance

The Coyle Renaissance

2014 thru 2018

The Coyle Free Library project was commissioned to renovate and build a new historically complimentary addition to the existing 1912 Post Office building owned and operated by the Franklin County Library System as the Coyle Free Library in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. The library is located at the corner of Main Street and King Street in downtown Chambersburg. The exterior is a capitol design federal building construct serving the community as the Post Office until the local women’s afternoon club acquired it for use as the Coyle Free Library. The existing 10,000 s.f. historical portion of the building was renovated to modern standards, lighting, egress, HVAC, etc.. The exterior of the historical portion of the building has been restored back to original, from the decorative scrolls and balustrade features. Historic architectural features were discovered during demolition, these were restored back to original as well with local artisans who demonstrated their artistic skill to do so. New space was created for the Franklin County Library System to create sustainable revenue streams to support facility maintenance and operation into perpetuity.

New construction will involve the demolition of existing building components and Hazardous Materials Mitigation. Once demolition is complete a complimentary yet modernized building addition will be constructed. The addition will include a lower level Liberal Arts theater to encourage theater and the cultural arts, and a First floor reception/circulation area that will be designed with the latest RFID systems to enhance the flow of library patrons through the Library, guiding them from the expansive historical columns and capitols at the West entrance café style patio to the East addition and reading room overlooking the back yard urban forest area.  The Second floor  provides space for the fiction and nonfiction collections, and library services, offices and conference areas. The third floor (Conservatory Level) consists of study and research areas with a living roof component to facilitate lighting throughout the lower floors and reduce building forced air mechanical and HVAC equipment costs to close the gap between traditional building energy systems and net zero building energy systems.

The existing floor area at approximately 11,000 s.f. including the basement was renovated and/or re-built to approximately 30,000 s.f. with additional green areas and common areas around the exterior of the building to enhance library Patrons experience. All electrical and air-conditioning services are integrated into the building management system (BMS) at each floor. All floors are radiant heat, including the roof level conservatory. The roof patio has a snow melt system under the Pennsylvania flagstone area. All HVAC is performed by Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) units concealed discreetly in the ceilings all systems are integrated into the BMS.

There are few such structures as well conceived, designed and constructed as the Coyle Free Library in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania.